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Ready to ditch the chemicals and embrace clean living?

I’m thrilled that you’d like to work with me! Join the waitlist!

At this time, I unfortunately do not have any immediate availability for new guests. However, as I work to create a more accessible experience to first-timers such as yourself, you can hop on the waitlist by filling out this consultation form. If and when I’m available to book you for the first time, we’ll reach out to let you know!

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Embrace the tranquility and personalized attention of your new salon home from the moment you step inside. Here, you're not just another appointment; you're the sole focus in a one-on-one setting designed to ensure you feel relaxed, heard, and completely at home.

Your First Experience: Tailored for You

Your visit begins with an in-depth consultation, where we explore your hair goals and daily routines in detail. This ensures that every aspect of your service is meticulously tailored to your individual needs.


As we move forward, I’ll guide you through our service options, carefully answering any questions and providing recommendations to enhance your hair's natural beauty.

Together, we'll create a look that not only reflects your best self but also fits effortlessly into your lifestyle, ensuring you look and feel great every day.

For those seeking an even more secluded experience, options like mirrorless appointments and closed blinds are available to craft a sanctuary where your comfort is paramount.

After crafting your style, I'll share personalized tips and product advice, arming you with the tools to maintain your salon-fresh look at home.

This is more than a salon visit; it's an escape to a space where your well-being and beauty go hand in hand. Experience the ultimate in privacy, relaxation, and bespoke hair care on your next visit.

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