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  • Linda - Valued client since 2002
    "Jean Flaherty has been my beloved hairdresser for over a decade. She is an EXPERT hairdresser, with incredible skills, and she is always learning and growing professionally - taking training, and adding to her skill set. She uses products that are natural and of the highest caliber. Jean is also a great listener and does her best to create exactly the vision the customer sees for themselves, which of course I appreciate greatly. She never, or at least rarely, tries to change my mind about something I am set on. :) But the most special thing about Jean is that she is an amazing person. I learn so much from her about life, self-respect, and how to treat others. She "walks the talk" as they say. I admire her greatly as both a woman, a person, and a professional!"
  • Kiersten K. - Valued client since 1991
    I don’t have the best or the easiest hair to style, but I am confident that every time I walk out of the salon, my hair will look great. Once, in Chicago, I was getting an updo for a special event and the stylist there said, “Whoever does your color does a really excellent job!” When I want to try something new, Jean will be direct and let me know what will work with my hair and what won’t … and I trust her advice. I enthusiastically refer people to Jean because she does excellent work for very reasonable prices and she stands behind everything she does. If you’re like me and you want your hair to look terrific every day … go see Jean!
  • Jasmine F. - Valued client since 2008
    I’ve had the opportunity to try both the Brazilian Keratin Treatment as well as the Brazilian Blowout and the results of both are pretty great. However for those out there grappling between the two, my vote goes to the Original Brazilian Blowout for several reasons. Although both products serve as excellent de-frizzers, the blowout is virtually maintenance free from the minute you exit the salon. I could throw my hair up in a ponytail or wash it the same day if I wanted to. It cut my blow-drying time in half and after a while you almost forget how frizzy your hair used to get on a humid day – there is seriously no frizz. With two young kids, I’ve just thrown my hair up in a bun for years. I love wearing it down again and my hair looks so much healthier. I highly recommend this treatment!
  • Beth A. - Valued client since 2011
    I came to Jean after I expressed to a colleague (who I noticed had a great haircut) some unhappiness about the way my hair was being colored at another salon. It had become one tone, and a brassy one at that. I was seriously considering giving it all up and going gray. In speaking to my colleague, she recommended I give Jean a try. I have not looked back! She listens to her clients and gives them her complete attention. Not only did she correct my color, she added lowlights and highlights, and I have a lot more motion and depth to my hair. Jean also has done the Brazilian treatment on my hair, which I love. My hair is straight, shiny, and healthy. It is clear that Jean takes her professional education seriously and only chooses the best haircare products. She makes a point to stay current with the changes happening in the industry in both technique and product. Jean is honest and will let you know whether a cut will work with the texture of your hair and your face shape. She also runs on time with her appointments, which is so rare in this profession. I leave Jean’s chair looking my best and knowing I had the highest-quality experience. I feel very lucky I am one of Jean’s clients!
  • Alexa M. - Valued client since 1993
    I started going to Jean when I was a 22-year-old graduate student. Now, a husband and two kids later, we are all regular clients. Jean gave my babies their first beautiful haircuts, no fuss. Now, my 15-year-old daughter is constantly asked where she has her hair done because her short and sassy cut is unique and fits her features perfectly. She is asked so often that she has actually started carrying Jean’s business cards with her! My 12-year-old son is also complimented regularly for having a fabulous head of hair. No lie! When he gets asked this question, he always looks at me and says: “Mom, give them Jean’s number.” My busy husband appreciates Jean’s ability to schedule clients in the evening, and especially appreciates the pre-appointment reminders – so do I! And of course, I love my highlights and the sophisticated styling I’ve learned to count on. Jean always seems to know just the right look for me and what my hair will and won’t do. Whenever I’m ready for a change, she has excellent ideas. I’ve sent many, many clients to Jean, and will definitely continue to do so.
  • Roy S. - Valued client since 2008
    As a loyal client of Jean’s for years now, I’ve always been pleased with her combination of experience, knowledge, and high level of professional service. I know I’m in excellent hands, and I’ll always be very happy with the results. If you’re looking for someone new who will actually listen to your styling needs, I would absolutely recommend working with Jean!
  • Amy - Valued client since 2011
    I have thick, curly hair and have tried many stylists who claim to know curly hair … but none have compared to Jean! She took the time to listen to me, and she understands how curly hair “behaves.” We cut my hair short, and for the first time in a long time, I love my curly hair! I give her my highest recommendation!
  • Jody - Valued client since 2005
    Many years ago, my daughter gifted me with a “makeover day” at a salon and I’ve been an extremely happy customer of Jean’s ever since! I frequently get wonderful comments on my hair color, style and cut and how natural it looks. She is the absolute best colorist ever! Occasionally, I’ll be in the mood for a change or Jean will make a suggestion like recently when she mentioned a new hair cutting process she learned. Instead of using scissors, she cuts with electric barber’s clippers. I trust her implicitly, so I sat back, relaxed and we chatted away. When she was done, I ran my fingers through my hair, fluffing it, shaking it out, and could not get over how unbelievably soft my hair felt, and how it didn’t look “fresh” cut. I haven’t had a traditional scissor cut since.
  • Kristine - Valued client since 1995
    Jean always does an amazing job! Even after I moved +20 miles to the South Shore, I kept Jean as my stylist because she is consistent and knowledgeable, always up-to-date on current styles, color options, and hair straightening techniques. I especially love the colors she uses in my hair. She makes it look so natural and shiny, and I have often received compliments through the years. Jean also is practical. When I wanted to add foils, she recommended I wait until after the summer months because I’m in the sun often and the highlights would quickly fade without regular touch-ups. She saved me money and time, and I was super happy in the fall when she added them in during one of my regular visits! I can’t say it enough: I really appreciate how professional and consistent Jean has been as my hair stylist.
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