Welcome New Client

Thank you for selecting Jean is Hair. I would love to see you as a new client.

To create a meaningful, positive and fun experience for you at Jean is Hair, I ask all of my new clients to fill out a new client form. The information you provide will allow me to better serve you at your first appointment.


Please select from the following options which services you are interested in?

  1. Haircut & Blow Dry

  2. Curly Haircut

  3. Color & Haircut

  4. Highlights or Balayage

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Haircut & Blow Dry

Each head of hair and head shape is different. (Yes, head shape matters.)


After my detailed consultation at your first visit, I will create a personalized, custom haircut that enhances your features, matches your lifestyle, and creates your new style. I will finish your look with a blow-dry.

And follow up with tricks of the trade for the perfect ending, and product recommendations for at home styling.

If you are experiencing problems with dry hair or hard water, I also recommend checking off a moisturizing detox on your form.

Curly Haircut

Ever wonder exactly which curl type you are? It's important if you want to create a fabulous look that easy to care for!


On your first visit, you will receive my personalized consultation to define your curl type, wave pattern, and natural texture. I will then shape and style your curls with my signature dry curl-by-curl haircut.

For curly hair clients, I also recommend a moisturizing detox scalp and hair treatment to get rid of product build-up and mineral products from hard water.

To end your appointment, I will give you in-depth tips on how to style your curls, and recommend products for your specific needs.

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Color & Haircut

Hair color define us. It's one of the first things people notice and describe about you. 

Whether you need your roots touched up, want to refresh your ends, blend your natural gray hair or would just like a color change for a whole new look, I can help you achieve your style and color. 


After you receive my detailed consultation. I will custom mix and apply a color that will bring out your natural skin tone and give you a more youthful look.


To complete your visit, I will cut or trim your hair, blow-dry style,  provide in-depth tips and make products recommendations for home styling.

Highlights or Balayage

Do you prefer to be brighter all throughout your hair? Maybe you usually get a full highlight with foils all over or you love the look of balayage?

Anyone, no matter your hair color, can have highlights. By adding highlights or lowlights, you can ease your transition into gray hair or have a little fun with your natural hair.

Either way let's get you booked for an appointment and we'll make a final plan when you arrive at the salon.

We'll start your visit with my personalized consultation, a color matching or shifting formula process, a fresh color application,

cut or trim and blow-dry style.

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