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Clean Ingredients. 
Stunning Hair.

Sustainable Beauty.

Feel Fabulous!

You're entitled to hair you love,


You’re in the right place!

If You ...

  • Want to enhance your natural beauty without compromising on health or ethics.

  • Seek personalized hair care that aligns with your eco-conscious lifestyle.

  • Desire long-lasting, vibrant color that respects your skin and scent sensitivities.

  • Believe in the importance of sustainability in every aspect of life, including your hair.

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Meet Your Stylist


Hi, I'm Jean Marie

Your master colorist and stylist committed to transforming your hair care experience in Stoneham, Massachusetts. As a leader in organic, vegan, and natural hair care, I am dedicated to sustainable beauty that resonates with who you are.

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With A Personalized, Eco-Friendly Approach, You Can Achieve Hair That You Love Without the Compromise

At Jean is Hair, the goal is to make you look and feel fabulous while also caring for our planet. My commitment to sustainability shines through every service I provide, from selecting the finest organic and vegan products to practicing zero-waste initiatives.

Whether it's perfecting the art of organic color, finding a flattering cut, or designing a look that complements your features, I ensure every client leaves feeling confident and ready for anything. Join me in celebrating the beauty of nature and take a step toward a more sustainable, beautiful you.

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